Welcome to ScreenPay

Welcome to ScreenPay.   Our goal is to make your mobile experience more relevant, rewarding, and profitable with cold, hard cash.  We appreciate you trusting us with the valuable real estate that is your lock screen.   ScreenPay is designed to not interfere with your daily routine, but rather to supplement it.   We recognize the initial experience with ScreenPay may not be perfect.   For example, you may get ads or deals that are not in your primary interest categories.   Please be assured that we are optimizing our algorithm all the time to improve the content that is served to you.

Some tips that will help us get a better experience for you quicker and make you more money are:


1)       Use your phone as you normally would.   It provides no value to you, the content providers, advertisers or ScreenPay if you are not genuinely engaging with the content or ad.   Please note that you are not compensated more for your engagement with ads.


2)      Promote ScreenPay to your friends.   You can promote ScreenPay to your friends via the unique share code generated for you in the app under “Invite Friends.”  The more users we have on ScreenPay, the broader range of content we can supply to you, and the more targeted we can make the content.   In addition, as we sign up more users, we expect to be able to capture larger advertising budgets from companies and ad agencies.   The expected increase in value of our user base will ultimately be passed along to you, the users.


3)      Answer polls or provide more demographic information.  Throughout the month we may push some polls to you or pose free-form questions via the ScreenPay app.   In some cases, we may be able to put extra money in your account for answering the questions.  If so, we will explicitly tell you that.   Please remember we do not sell your data to any third parties.   The questions we ask will only be to improve your ScreenPay experience.

Lastly, we want to assure you that all of the information and data that you provide to ScreenPay is being used for the sole purposes of ScreenPay.  We do not sell your personal information to any third parties.  Any time that your information and data is accessed, it is anonymized and clustered with other ScreenPay users.


Please feel free to interact with us and tell us what you think of ScreenPay or just ask us any questions.  We can be found at @screenpayapp or facebook.com/screenpayapp.

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