ScreenPay is a free app that pays you to get promotions and deals based on your personal interests and lifestyle right on your lock screen. That is right— ScreenPay PAYS YOU!!!

Provide ScreenPay with some basic information about yourself and we will scour the digital universe for information, promotions and deals based on your interests. If you like what we present on your phone, go ahead and swipe the center circle to the ScreenPay logo in the middle of the spoke. If you don’t care for what is presented at the time, just unlock your phone as you normally would.

After you sign up for ScreenPay we will put $1.00 in your account. For every 30 days that you are on ScreenPay you will earn at least $3.00. If you tell us a bit more about yourself and your interests, not only will the content on your lock screen be more tailored to you, but you can possibly earn more money.

Want to earn more money? For each friend that you invite we will put a dollar in their account and for every 5 friends that you invite and stay on ScreenPay for 30 days we will put another $3.00 in your account.

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