Q. What is the catch? Do I really get paid for just having this on my phone and I don’t have to engage with the content you push to me?

A: There is no catch, no bait and switch and no fine print. Our advertisers help support ScreenPay and are happy to pass along a portion of the advertising revenue we receive to you. We hope you find the content and promotions we send to you of value as well. If you don’t you can just unlock your phone as you normally do and still get paid.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. You can cash out your balance to a PayPal account once you have reached a $7.00 balance.

Q. Does ScreenPay sell my contact information and personal data?

A. ScreenPay does not share any personally identifying information to any third party, except as required by law or under your request within the usage of ScreenPay. All information that you provide to us is securely protected on our servers and our use of the information is described in our privacy policy. http://www.screenpay.com/privacy

Q. Does ScreenPay allow me to use my pass code screen?

A. You can enter your pass code after you unlock the phone.

Q. How much data and battery life will ScreenPay consume?

A.  ScreenPay is optimized to have minimal effect on your data consumption and battery drain. In most cases it is less than many apps you use every day.


Q. Why don’t’ I always see an ad?

ScreenPay requests content in real time.  We do this to try and search and get you the most relevant and timely content



7 thoughts on “FAQ

    • 1) Our ads are served in real time so we can provide the most relevant and content.

      2) We pay users a flat fee per month regardless of whether you interact with the content. With other apps you only earn money if you interact with content. This can waste your time by you swiping or downloading things that you really don’t care about just to get a few points or pennies.

      3) Our custom navigation interface allows you to have more utility than other lock screen apps. From the lock screen you can jump right to your camera, texts or dial pad of your phone. In future releases we will be allowing you to customize the apps that appear in your spokes.

      4) We are nice and honest people 🙂

    • Besides the $3.00 per month you can make more by inviting friends. We will also be adding polls and contests in the coming weeks which will make allow you to earn more. We appreciate your patience while we add these additional features

      • I noticed it is going up daily by about 8 cents is this separate from the $3.00? if it is that is fine, if not it would reach $2.40 in 30 days. Other than that i like the app a lot. It looks good and it is non intrusive. Can i add this to a tablet that gets used frequently with the same account.

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